About FYT

We believe you can (re)start every day.


We know how hard it is to (re)start exercising.

We’ve paid for gym memberships and fitness trackers we never use. We’ve proclaimed, “I’ll start Monday” every week only to say it again the following week. We’ve dived in head first to a class full of burpees, squat jumps and push-ups only to be too sore to go back. We’ve been discouraged by instructors with perfect bodies in slick videos saying, “You’ve got this,” when in fact none of us have it. We’ve been there.

We also know how important it is to (re)start exercising.

Exercise matters because health matters. It makes us more confident, makes us feel better mentally and physically. Exercise is as important as brushing your teeth, wearing a seatbelt, going to the doctor or getting a good night’s rest.

And we know the hardest part about (re)starting is motivation.

We launched FYT to be the first fitness motivation app to help you (re)start exercising. We know people motivate people, so we have created a community of coaches and members who motivate each other to (re)start. We’re the warm-up, the prep, the sampler pack, the friend that gets you back into exercising. We serve you up simple, reassuring, fun and motivating workouts made by and for real people.

What makes us unique

We start with what motivates you, NOT with how hard you should work out.
We create supportive communities that inspire and build each other up, NOT compete or tear one another down.
You’ll find your power. You’ll find your why. You’ll find your FYT.